Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Classroom and House

This post is definitely a few weeks too late, but we moved to a new house. And since our classrooms were in the basement of our new class, that means that we found new classrooms too.

I absolutely love our new place. The house is bright yellow with a black spiral staircase, and the classroom is painted white and purple with red brick inside. The colors are all so great and the neighborhood is better. Our house is now closer to Quince and we don't have to walk past a stoop of drunk guys every time we leave home. The kitchen and bathroom are also HUGE.

Since I seem to be on a streak of posting lots of photos here recently, I included some photos below.

New house!

New classroom!

One wall of the classroom with letters decorated by the students during art class

Hallway in the classroom leading to another classroom, the future computer room, and the "library" (storage room for school and art supplies)

More student art decorating the classroom

Our street

My bed!

Huge kitchen

Patio in the house

All of the volunteers from last week, plus Dina (who cooks for us) and Gonzalo (daytime security guard)

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