Monday, October 11, 2010

Chess tournament and other fun updates

First, I just have to share the coolest thing that I've seen here.

RAINBOW AROUND THE SUN! It stayed around all morning and was so amazing. And it wasn't raining at the time (because it never rains in Huaycan), so I still have no idea how this happened. We had to put sunglasses over the camera to get this photo. It looked way better in person though. You could see almost all of the individual color stripes.

Otherwise, the other awesome thing going on right now is...

Mario Vargas Llosa, a Peruvian author and politician, won the Nobel Prize for Literature! Every school and most of the little stores or bodegas all have signs congratulating him, and all of Peru is pretty happy. I read one of his books for IB, and I'm currently reading what is considered to be his literary masterpiece. It's called The War at the End of the World. And after I bought it in English, I actually found it in Spanish for $4, so I bought that copy too. I'm really excited about this, because now I can still read the beautiful Spanish text, but use the English text to make sure I know what's going on.

In other news, the first chess tournament was yesterday! 10 students from my Zone Z 231 and D classes participated, and they were absolutely amazing. When it first started, the room fell completely silent, so even walking seemed really loud. They were so focused that when we gave each person cookies and soda, they didn't even touch them until they had finished their game. I had correctly predicted who the top two people and the winner would be, but some of the wins in the middle were surprising to me. A couple of kids who I expected would lose in the first round did amazing and got to the second-to-last round. In the end, two of my students from Zone Z 231 were in the final round - Jhordy and Hereka - and Jhordy won with a great game. The two top students won chess boards and the others got certificates of participation. It was such a success, and I'm hoping to do one more tournament in December before I leave.

One more photo for your viewing pleasure before I start working on my lesson plan for class today.

This was taken up in Zone I with one of the younger students and her dog. The dog looks larger here than it really is because it's so fluffy, and it just came and curled up with me. Luckily one of the other volunteers thought to take a photo.

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