Sunday, September 12, 2010

Zone Z 232

Here are pictures of Zone Z 232. The classroom is higher up the mountain and located right near a cemetery. I teach a 6-9 year old English and sports class there twice a week. The class is very tiring, but the kids are so adorable it's completely worth it.

The classroom with the cemetery in the background. I might have already posted this photo before.

A picture of part of my class. From left to right: Nayeli, 5-year-old Willie, Eleana, Raul, and Jose (I think that's his name. He's new and I keep forgetting). And then Tara, another volunteer, in the background

View through the window of Jhim (left) and Alex (right)

Photo taken by another volunteer of me in the classroom

The canchita where we play sports for an hour before English class

The kids playing Duck, Duck, Goose


  1. Christine -
    Could you talk a little about your other volunteers? I'd like to know more about who your travelling with. Are they also Americans? Are they students, etc.
    Hope to see you when you return to Dartmouth. D's doing well so far this semester.

  2. It's nice to hear from you! I'm glad Danielle's doing well, and I hope to see from you too. Right now the other volunteers are mainly students who just graduated and/or are traveling around the world. Two of them are Americans, and three of them are international (Australia, France, and Holland).