Sunday, September 12, 2010

Huaycan - Zone D

I was notified that while my blog has a lot of photos of the food I've been eating, it lacks photos of Huaycan itself. So here's my attempt to remedy that. I'm going to put up several posts, each with photos focusing on a particular area of Huaycan, until my internet connection gives up.

This post includes photos from the area around the house (Zone D). A lot of the photos are taken from the roof because I can see all of Huaycan from there, but there are a couple from the street as well.

They aren't the best photos I've taken. Since it's so dusty in Huaycan, all photos come out a uniform shade of brown. But I'm sure they're good enough to show what the place looks like.

Just a note: all of my photos here appear small, but you can click on any photo to see it a lot larger.

An overview of Huaycan during the day. It's almost completely surrounded by "foothills"

Our street near sunset

Gonzalo, our security guard, in front of our house with his moto

Street near our house

Another view of our street

Houses built up on the foothills surrounding Huaycan

A woman doing her laundry on a rooftop near our house, with a view of Huaycan in the background

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