Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Lowdown

In exactly 15 days, I will fly 3904 miles away from home and stay there for 17 weeks and 6 days. How's that for numbers? I even checked my math. Twice. The numbers just seemed so big I couldn't believe them.

I suppose an explanation is in order. Over the summer after freshman year, it's "expected" that students should get an internship. I decided to instead take off my fall term and combine that time with the last month and a half of my summer (August 9 to December 12, to be more specific). The result? An awesome internship.

I'm traveling to Peru to intern with a non-profit company. It's called the Light and Leadership Initiative, and it works in a struggling community on the outskirts of Lima called Huaycan. I'll be teaching English there, developing a math program for the school, and learning about the organization and helping it in any way I can.

Needless to say, I don't think Dartmouth will fund the exorbitant cost of phone calls from Peru. So I decided that a blog would be the best way to let people know how everything is going. In theory, I'll be able to update it a couple of times a week (hopefully with some photos, internet connection willing) to tell friends and family about my exploits.

I hope you'll follow my blog and check in to see what I'm up to! Profuse comments encouraged.

For more info about the organization, check out its website. It also posted several great videos about their work on youtube, linked below for your viewing pleasure.

Huaycan, Peru - The Light and Leadership Initiative

Light in Zone Z: Part 1 and Part 2


  1. Fantastic idea! Can't wait to read all about your amazing internship and Peruvian adventures :D Have fun (and be safe)!

  2. This is such a great idea! Kyle & I will be keeping up with you on here! Have fun!!!

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  4. Oops, Blogger deleted my earlier comment. It seems to be affected by the same electronic plague that hit my computer and scanner...

    Tobie - if I was being safe, I'd stay in Hanover. It's the epitome of safety. I'll try though, just for you.

    Tiffany - thanks for the comment. It's great to hear from you. I hope you and Kyle are doing well!