Wednesday, July 28, 2010

14 Days and Counting

I just submitted all of my applications for funding from Dartmouth. Starting at midnight, I sat down and finished them all, and at 4:49 pm I just sent off my last email. Sleep would have been fairly non-existent, if not for the accidental 3.5 hrs I got when my carefully planned series of alarms for a 45 minute nap didn't go off. And later my scanner broke and the computer crashed simultaneously. I'm happy to say that I didn't cry like a little girl at that point.

Some of the funding is a long shot. For example, the Tucker Fellowship is only giving 2 people money. That's right, read it again. 2. So I'm not expecting anything from them. But the Dickey Center and another group is funding more people and their list of criteria fits my internship pretty closely. So, fingers crossed, hopefully they come through.

That was my last big preparation for the trip, besides packing. I am now vaccinated, visa-ed, researched, ticketed, and funded.

On a side note, don't get excited about what seems to be a post-a-day trend. For something to be a trend, it needs 3 occurrences. There can be no trends of two here. This was a special occasion to mark the passing of my applications. Otherwise, the likelihood of me posting daily is pretty small. There's really not much news to share before I go, especially since the blog is about the trip itself, and I won't be on the computer every day while I'm there.

I'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard, so I'll end this with a quick request to please follow my blog and comment. Then I know I'm not talking to space. Thanks!


  1. I'm following! Which you know from my last comment :)

    Congrats on *finally* finishing all that paperwork. Here's hoping you get funding!! And also, congratulations on not crying like a little girl when your scanner/computer crashed simultaneously. I would have. Actually, I would have thrown my computer out the window.

    Again, have fun!

  2. Yay! Thanks for following...and for the congrats. Not crying wasn't hard, but that's only because I was busy smacking the crap out of the scanner. Apparently, that technique works :)

  3. Haha, too bad that doesn't work on my computer!! I think if I hit it again any time soon the screen's going to fall right off.

  4. Developing a math program? What level?

  5. Yep. For fairly young kids, maybe up to 13 years old... nothing too advanced.

  6. 8th grade? Make them do set theory, I beg you for their sake.